Powers Vitality Method  Thriving Vitality TM 

Life Coaching empowers you to create a life you LOVE living!

Life Coaching  is an ongoing partnership in which clients have a unique opportunity to deepen their own awareness through heart to heart personal evaluation. Improve their performance by defining goals, identify and overcome their obstacles and enhance their quality of life by developing an action plan. Coaches use exploring, inviting changes, inspiration, and consistent commitment to move the client forward. With greater focus, awareness of choice and empowerment, achievement of life goals is accelerated by bringing out the very best in yourself and others. 

Benefits of Life Coaching

  • ~Improve self-confidence and self-esteem
  • ~Identify and clarify personal or professional goals
  • ~Motivate yourself with a clear and concise action plan
  • ~Create and maintain healthy boundaries
  • ~Work through major life transitions
  • ~Develop and implement organizational skills
  • ~Improve relationships with family, loved ones and co-workers
  • ~Accountability
  • ~Managing grief, loss, sadness and change
  • ~Ignite and inspire
  • ~Living your purpose with Thriving Vitality TM

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A complimentary 30 minute Telephone Discovery Session is available for you to become acquainted with Powers Vitality Method.

Call or email to schedule your appointment.

Phone Discovery Session (30 minutes) - Complimentary

Session fee - $90

Please allow 1½ hour for your sessions.